SimSimi Indonesia for BlackBerry

Buat yang mencari aplikasi SimSimi for BlackBerry. Anda bisa Download via BlackBerry appworld untuk versi Indonesia.

SimSimi adalah aplikasi chat dengan robot, jadi buat yang merasa bosan, mencari orang untuk ngobrol atau dianggap main game / iseng bersama robot. Silakan coba bermain dengan SimSimi for Indonesia.

Anda juga bisa mengajari SimSimi kata-kata baru, cara jawab pertanyaan biar SimSimi menjadi lebih pintar, smart seperti anak kecil yang di ajari. Sebagai teman chat anda, silakan bermain bersama SimSimi.


More About SimSimi for BlackBerry

Simsimi is a friend you can talk to about subjects ranging from ordinary chitchat to the more personal. Its attractiveness comes from its uniqueness, in that Simsimi can be virtually taught just about anything. Simsimi is still a baby: Cute, cuddly, curious but at the same time naughty and mischievous, which is typical of small children, is what makes it hard for us to look away from Simsimi.

This is a form of entertainment where users can interact with Simsimi; a conversation similar to one in the real world and also an ability to teach Simsimi all you want. Be forewarned that this is unlike talking to your friend. Simsimi’s response can be more shocking, ridiculous, annoying, pathetic, make you frown, and even make you shake your head in disbelief.

Equipped with artificial intelligence, Simsimi exists to make leisure time more enjoyable. Although not a true form of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Simsimi’s ability to engage in a conversation is determined by the words being taught to it. As more words, sentences, and expressions are taught to it, Simsimi will get smarter which will present a more interesting and exciting experience to the user.

Download SimSimi for BlackBerry

Download via AppWorld

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